Travel trade, permit

If you want to run a travel trade, you will need a travel trade card. You can receive this for a limited or unlimited period.

Important notes


The practice of a travel trade requires a permit (travel trade card).

A travel trade exists if someone is doing business outside of his or her commercial establishment or has one without prior order,

  • Sells goods or buys or
  • Searches for orders for goods,
  • Offers services or
  • Orders for services or
  • performs entertaining activities as a showman.
Some activities are exempt from the travel trade card requirement (§ 55a GewO). These include, for example:
  • the distribution of self-made products from agriculture, forestry, vegetables, fruit and horticulture,
  • the distribution of food or other everyday goods from a mobile point of sale, if the distribution takes place at regular, shorter intervals at the same point,
  • the offering of printed works for sale on public paths, streets, squares or other public places.

Documents required

  • ID card or passport with last registration certificate,
  • certificate in tax matters
  • The applicant shall apply for a certificate of good conduct and an extract from the central trade register; the fees of EUR 13 each are to be paid upon application.

Please note

A travel business card is generally applied for at the main residence and is then valid nationwide in accordance with the trade regulations.

As the holder of a travel business card, you are obliged to carry it with you while you are doing your business.

The travel trade card must have already been issued when the relevant activity is started. If public roads, paths and places are to be used in the exercise of the travel trade, a special use permit is required (see under links in the authority finder special uses, permit). This must be applied for at the Center for Economy, Building and Environment of the responsible district office.

Anyone who operates a travel business has to keep a sales tax booklet (see links in the authorities finder sales tax booklet).


The travel trade card must already be available when starting the activity.

Procedure & Fees

Processing time

4-6 weeks.


155 EUR to 255 EUR - to be paid upon application.

Copy of the travel trade card 30 EUR, you must bring your identity card or passport with confirmation of registration.

Changes 30 EUR - 70 EUR

Certificate of good conduct and extract from the central trade register are EUR 13 each

Legal notes

Legal basis

Section 55 Trade Regulations (GewO)

§ 55a Trade Regulations (GewO)

Schedule of fees for economic administration

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