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Motor vehicle, vehicle defects, expired insurance cover, vehicle sales

Vehicle defects If a vehicle is defective, the vehicle owner is usually requested by the police or the LBV to remedy the defects or to put the vehicle out of operation. The holder is set a deadline for this. The keeper must act within this period. ... Continue

Kfz, 100km / h sign

If the technical requirements are met, the maximum permissible speed for trailers can be increased to 100 km / h. The trailer must then be equipped with a 100 km / h sign (sticker). After the requirements have been checked, the sign is sealed and ... Continue

License plate, short-term license plate

Short-term license plates are valid for up to five days from the application so that they can be used for transfer or test drives. Continue

LBV desired license plate

Vehicle license or registration certificate Part I, international vehicle registration

An international vehicle registration document can be requested for entry into foreign countries. For the states of the European Union, Part I of the registration certificate is sufficient, as the form indicates that it is multilingual. Some states ... Continue

LBV desired license plate

Vehicle registration, oldtimer

Historic license plate - black license plate As a motor vehicle cultural asset, vehicles that are over 30 years old have a special status under German law. You enjoy tax benefits and can be driven with a special classic car license plate. It works ... Continue

Internet-based vehicle registration (i-Kfz) - registration

Apply for license plate, export license plate

The license plate is only valid for the period requested and generally for a maximum of one month, provided that the vehicle insurance taken out and the last general inspection are also valid for that long. Otherwise the validity will be shortened ... Continue

License plate, change number plate

With the approval of interchangeable license plates, two vehicles with one license plate can be allowed under certain conditions. The allocation of change number plates is only possible for two vehicles of the same vehicle class, e.g. class M1, two ... Continue

LBV desired license plate

License plate, taken after moving from outside

The holder can choose whether to keep the license plate when moving or to apply for a new one. If you move from Pinneberg to Hamburg, for example, you can decide for yourself whether you want to keep the Pinneberg license plate or apply for one with ... Continue

Internet-based vehicle registration (i-Kfz) - registration

Obtain vehicle owner information

Information can only be obtained from the local vehicle register if there is a need to pursue legal claims for traffic-related reasons. A legitimate interest in connection with road traffic must be proven (e.g. after a traffic accident, the injured ... Continue

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