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Payment of pensions for surviving dependents of war victims

If a war victim died as a result of injury, you are entitled to a survivor's pension as a widow, surviving partner, orphan or relative in the ascending line. Continue

Help for people who have been harmed by unlawful imprisonment

If you have suffered damage to your health while in custody, you will receive care in analogous application of the provisions of the Federal Health Care Act. You will also receive benefits as a survivor if the detention led to the death of the detainee. Continue

Determination of helplessness and levels of care allowance for war victims

If you are helpless as a result of an injury, you can apply for a monthly care allowance. Continue

Payment of care allowance for war victims

The amount of the nursing allowance depends on the extent of the necessary nursing care due to the damage. It is divided into six levels: Level I: 360.00 euros Level II: 615.00 euros Level III: 877.00 euros Stage IV: 1,125.00 euros Stage V: 1 ... Continue

Provision for surviving dependents according to the Criminal Rehabilitation Act

If the person concerned died as a result of an injury, you as a surviving dependent will receive care upon application in accordance with the Federal Pensions Act. Continue

Benefits for refugees according to the Victim Compensation Act OEG

If you suffer damage to your health in Germany as a result of an intentional, unlawful physical attack, for example physical injury, you can apply for benefits with regard to this damage to your health. Continue

Apply for a supplement to the severely disabled pass with or without a token

If you are severely disabled, under certain conditions you are entitled to free transport on local public transport or to a vehicle tax reduction. Continue

severely disabled application

Apply for a disability assessment

If you are affected by a disability, you can apply for a disability assessment under certain conditions. The degree of disability is also determined at the same time. Continue

severely disabled application

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