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Social assistance, subsistence assistance in the event of permanent disability

Social assistance is given to those who cannot or insufficiently obtain their necessary livelihood from their own strengths and resources, i.e. neither income nor assets are sufficient for this. The prerequisite is a temporary, at least 6 months, but ... Continue

Social assistance, basic security in old age and in the event of permanent disability

Anyone who has reached the age of 65 is entitled to basic security benefits. This only applies to people who were born before January 1st, 1947. For people born after December 31, 1946, the age limit will be increased as follows: for those born in ... Continue

Payment of care allowance for war victims

The amount of the nursing allowance depends on the extent of the necessary nursing care due to the damage. It is divided into six levels: Level I: 360.00 euros Level II: 615.00 euros Level III: 877.00 euros Stage IV: 1,125.00 euros Stage V: 1 ... Continue

Housing brokerage for young adults

Since 1994, the Lawaetz-Service GmbH project - Jugend &Wohnen - has been helping young adults who previously lived in supervised youth housing to find their first rental apartment. The project is financed by the Department for Labour, Social ... Continue

Sick pay for those with health insurance

If you are in an employment relationship and are still unable to work beyond the period of continued payment of wages, you can be granted sickness benefit from a statutory insurance relationship under certain conditions. Continue

Home affairs, cost regulation

Within Hamburg The basic security and social service office in whose area the applicant last lived is responsible for applying for and approving the costs of an inpatient care facility within Hamburg. Responsibility for previous self-payers always ... Continue

Adolescent psychology / psychiatric service

The adolescent psychological / psychiatric service (JPPD) supports young people with psychosocial and psychological problems who receive inpatient or semi-inpatient help for upbringing or for whom the appropriate help is provided by the youth welfare ... Continue

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