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Motor vehicle tax Hamburg

The customs administration has been responsible for vehicle taxation in Hamburg since March 14, 2014. From this point on, tax cases are processed by the responsible main customs office in Hamburg-Stadt. Questions about the taxation of a motor vehicle ... Continue

Account clarification, account statements for tax accounts (regional tax offices)

To clarify the tax account, taxpayers or their tax advisors can request account statements for individual tax types or for the entire tax account from the tax office for tax collection in Hamburg. Continue

BEZ elections, eligibility to vote when moving to Hamburg

In the case of a Bundestag or European election, if you move to Hamburg from a German municipality, you will automatically be accepted into your new Hamburg polling station up to the 42nd day before the election and you will receive a voting ... Continue

Postal voting request

BEZ elections, people without a permanent address

Persons entitled to vote without a permanent address (homeless) who usually reside in Hamburg must submit an application for inclusion in the directory of eligible voters. Continue

Postal voting request

BEZ elections, election offices

Election offices are set up temporarily to conduct elections. Continue

Postal voting request

Elections, application as an election worker and poll worker

If you would like to become a poll worker, you must apply Continue

election workers

District Assembly

District assemblies are formed in Hamburg at each of the seven district offices (Hamburg-Mitte, Altona, Eimsbüttel, Hamburg-Nord, Wandsbek, Bergedorf and Harburg). Through the district assembly, the population can participate in matters of ... Continue

District assembly Hamburg Altona online

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