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The election offices are your contact points for elections in your district.

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Questions about the nomination procedure and legal questions should be directed to the Landeswahlamt, Johanniswall 4, 20095 Hamburg, Tel. +49 40 427 31-2422.



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Legal basis

In Germany, elections are conducted according to the following electoral principles:

general, immediate, free, equal and secret.

Article 28 Basic Law (GG)

Art 28 GG - Individual standard (

Article 38 Basic Law (GG)

Art 38 GG - Individual standard (

Service description

“Election” refers to a procedure in which offices or mandates are assigned through decision-making. The following elections take place regularly in Hamburg:

  • Citizenship election
  • federal election
  • European elections
  • District assembly election

The election offices of the district offices are responsible for organizing elections in the districts.
The tasks include, among other things, organizing the polling stations and election assistants as well as processing applications for entry in the register of eligible voters.
  • Election offices will be set up six weeks before election day to process postal votes and maintain the register of eligible voters.

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