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Apply for a supplement to the severely disabled pass with or without a token

If you are severely disabled, under certain conditions you are entitled to free transport on local public transport or to a vehicle tax reduction. Continue

severely disabled application

Citizens' allowance for severely disabled and people of equal status

The services are provided in Hamburg by the job center. Please contact your local office. Continue

Stopping and parking, parking facilities for the severely disabled

Under certain conditions, people with a severe disability can apply for a parking permit. Continue

Motor vehicle tax Hamburg - tax breaks for severely disabled people

For vehicles that are registered for severely disabled people, the Motor Vehicle Tax Act provides tax breaks in the form of a full tax exemption or a tax reduction of 50 percent. The type of tax relief is determined by the characteristics that are ... Continue

Apply for approval to dismiss severely disabled people

If you want to give notice to a severely disabled person or a disabled person of equal status, you must apply for a declaration of admissibility or permission to give notice of termination before giving notice of termination. Continue

Application for approval of the intended dismissal of severely disabled people or people of equal status

Apply for a disability pass

If you have been diagnosed with a degree of disability of at least 50, you can apply for a severely disabled person's ID card to be issued. Even if your severely disabled ID card expires or you have lost it, you can apply for a new one. Continue

severely disabled application

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