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Ballast water - indication for initiation

With this service you can display and check the discharge of ballast water. Continue

Ballast water display for discharge

Submit wastewater volume report

Would you like to submit a wastewater volume report (online)? Then read on here. Continue

Waste water volume report

Show AwSV attachments for the first time

Would you like to register for a facility for handling water-polluting substances for the first time? Then you can do that with an online service. Continue

Show AwSV attachments

Show heating oil consumer systems

Operators of a heating oil consumer system must report the construction and operation. This notification obligation applies to heating oil consumer systems in private households if they are located within water protection or flood areas. Continue

Show heating oil consumer systems

Wastewater permits

On the website you will find forms for the most important water/waste water procedures. Continue

sewage works permit

Would you like to set up or operate a waste water treatment plant in accordance with Section 60, Paragraph 3 of the WHG? An application for approval must then be submitted to the competent authority. Continue

Apply for a permit to discharge wastewater into private wastewater plants

If you want to discharge commercial wastewater into a private wastewater plant or sewer system, you usually need to apply for a permit in advance. Continue

Specialized companies for property drainage systems

Compilation of specialist companies and laboratories Continue

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