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Report an accident or malfunction involving hazardous substances

If an accident or operational disruption or illness or death has occurred in your company in connection with hazardous substances, you must report this immediately. Continue

Waste and Disposal - Advice on disposal of hazardous waste

The authority for the environment, climate, energy and agriculture provides information on the disposal of hazardous waste. It provides information about suitable waste disposal plants and provides information about possible disposal methods and the ... Continue

Disposal of hazardous waste outside of the northern German region, special permit

Do you need an exemption for the disposal of hazardous waste? Continue

Waste and Disposal - Issuing permits for collectors, carriers, dealers and brokers of hazardous waste

(Hamburg) You must apply for a license to transport, collect, trade and broker hazardous waste for commercial purposes. Continue

Apply for an exemption from basic obligations and protective measures when dealing with hazardous substances commercially

If you want to deviate from the regulations in the Hazardous Substances Ordinance, you must apply for an exception from the responsible authority. Continue

Professional handling of toxins, permission

Section 11 of the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance regulates the certificate of competence, which is necessary for people who bring certain dangerous substances into circulation. This is important for everyone who gives certain chemicals to buyers or ... Continue

Show use of biocides

As an employer/user, you must notify the competent authority of the use of certain particularly dangerous biocidal products. Continue

Waste and Disposal - Waste Transport Permit

Issuing permits for collecting and transporting hazardous waste Continue

Officially confirmed proof of disposal has been received

Are you subject to the obligation to provide proof of hazardous waste and must have proof of disposal approved? Then, under certain conditions, you will need an officially confirmed proof of disposal. Continue

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