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General social services - query my responsible department

Tasks: Advice for children, adolescents and adults on educational and family issues and separation problems. First point of contact for help with education! See also the link educational counseling center. Continue

Early help

Do you have any questions about pregnancy or caring for your child? Do you feel insecure or overloaded? Are you worried about your baby because he is very restless? Continue

Help for the blind

Eligible are blind people and people who are equal to blind people due to the degree of impairment of their vision and who do not exceed the income and asset limits. The prerequisite is that the severely handicapped pass contains the mark BL. Continue

Blind money

Blind people and people who are on an equal footing with blind people due to the degree of impairment of their vision receive blind allowance to compensate for the additional expenses caused by blindness - regardless of whether they are gainfully ... Continue

Granting of loans (social assistance)

A loan can be granted in individual cases to take over debts to secure accommodation or a comparable emergency (e.g. energy cost arrears). In principle, a loan can also be granted if the supply of food cannot be ensured or the items necessary to ... Continue

BEZ social assistance Help to continue the household

If the continuation of a household is at risk and there is economic need, you can receive help from the social welfare agency to continue the household. Continue

Social assistance payment of funeral expenses

If you do not have the financial means to bear the costs of burying a deceased person in your family, you can apply for reimbursement of the costs. Continue

Home affairs, cost regulation

Within Hamburg The basic security and social service office in whose area the applicant last lived is responsible for applying for and approving the costs of an inpatient care facility within Hamburg. Responsibility for previous self-payers always ... Continue

Reclaiming loans (social assistance)

In principle, the loans granted are to be repaid. More detailed agreements are made with the responsible clerk. Continue

BEZ-Social Aid Subsidies for contributions to health insurance and long-term care insurance

If you receive help with living expenses and have health and long-term care insurance, you can receive this benefit. Continue

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