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Social assistance, benefits for asylum seekers until December 31, 2022

Foreigners receive benefits who have a residence permit who have a residence permit without a work permit in Germany because of war in their home country who have a toleration whose asylum procedure has not been completed. The monthly benefits ... Continue

View foreign financial investment brokers and financial investment advisors

As a financial investment broker and advisor, you need a permit in Germany Continue

Financial investment broker license

If you would like to become self-employed as a financial investment broker, you must apply for a permit. Continue

Custodian / Insurance Advisor / Insurance Broker / Financial Investment Broker / Fee Financial Investment Advisor / Real Estate Loan Broker

To work as a security guard, insurance advisor, insurance broker, financial investment broker, honorary financial investment advisor or real estate loan broker, you need a certificate of competence or recognition of your foreign professional ... Continue

Pass the specialist examination for financial investment brokers

In order to obtain permission as a fee-based financial investment advisor, you must provide evidence of the required expertise. Continue

Investment advice as a commercial fee financial investment advisor - granting of permission

Permission for investment advice as a professional honorary financial investment advisor Continue

Apply for financial grants for investments to diversify agricultural businesses

Under certain circumstances, you can receive funding if you want to expand your farm to include non-agricultural income. Continue

Benefits for refugees according to the Victim Compensation Act OEG

If you suffer damage to your health in Germany as a result of an intentional, unlawful physical attack, for example physical injury, you can apply for benefits with regard to this damage to your health. Continue

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