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This slightly eerie museum in Eppendorf presents medical developments between the 19th century and today.

Medical History Museum

The Medical History Museum - Dark Tourism and more in Hamburg

The Medical History Museum in Eppendorf presents medical developments between the 19th century and today. Part of the UKE hospital, the museum is housed in a building that formerly contained autopsy rooms, test animal cages and laboratories. The impressive exhibits take on extra meaning thanks to these authentic surroundings. But not only the spooky side is presented: even doctors and hospital staff can learn fascinating things about the history of treating diseases and injuries. 

Permanent exhibition: ‘The birth of modern medicine’

The permanent exhibition, ‘The birth of modern medicine’ is structured in eight sections, each displaying different aspects of medical history. For example, the restored dissection hall contains authentic stone tables from 1926 used for conducting autopsies. Other areas grant insight into the world of electron microscopes or display a collection of wax moulages — historical models to exemplify various skin disorders. In addition, the exhibition highlights topics such as the study of medicine, hospitals, illness and urbanity, the role of the port, and technical innovation. A recently-established permanent exhibition deals with the cruelties performed in the name of medical research under National Socialism.   

For further information, please see: Medizinhistorisches Museum Hamburg


Universitätsklinikum Eppendorf 
Martinistraße 72
20246 Hamburg

The museum is best reached via the UKE’s side entrance on the corner of Geschwister-Scholl-Straße and Frickestraße. On the UKE map it is labelled as N30. 

Getting there

U1 and U3 to Kellinghusenstraße or the M20/M25 buses to Eppendorfer park (UKE).

Medical History Museum