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A museum ship since 1983, the three-masted Rickmer Rickmers is one of Hamburg harbour’s most popular attractions.

Rickmer Rickmers Museum Ship

Next to the Cap San Diego steamer, Rickmer Rickmers is the most prominent ship that has cast permanent anchor in Hamburg. After almost 90 years of sailing the seven seas, the three- masted ship was turned into a museum in 1983. Today, visitors can roam the decks to explore the crew’s and officers’ quarters, the galley and the engine room. The engine room, you might ask? Yes, over the years, this windjammer was powered by wind, and, if required,  by steam and diesel engines. As such, the Rickmer Rickers became a true wayfarer, calling ports anywhere from Chile to Hong Kong. It has sailed under several flags, including the German Reich, the United Kingdom and Portugal.

Now, that it is a permanent part of Hamburg harbour’s impressive skyline, the ship flies the German flag and answers to its original name Rickmer Rickmers.

Rarely does the aged sailer leave its berth, except for renovation works. The next general makeover is scheduled for August 2016. The ship’s distinctive green hull needs a paintjob, and a general overhaul will replace rusty rivets or battered planks.

Once it has returned to its mooring at the Landungsbrücken piers, the on-board restaurant offers fantastic dining options. For a special treat or thrill, you can climb the ship’s masts and rigging on Saturdays and special occasions, and feel like a true sailor. At 35 metres above sea level, you will have the most magnificent view over the harbour.


Bei den St. Pauli Landungsbrücken 1, 20359 Hamburg
+49 40 319 59 59

Opening Hours:

Daily 10 a.m. ─ 6 p.m.

Getting There:

U3, S1, S2, S3 exit Landungsbrücken