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The world's largest model railroad system has become one of the tourist highlights of Hamburg.​​​​​​​

Miniatur Wunderland has grown to become one of the nation's most popular attractions.

Miniatur Wunderland ─ Germany's Top-Ranking Attraction

Miniatur Wunderland is the largest model railway system in the world and has, in fact, been voted the most popular tourist attraction in Germany. Visitors can admire different countries and even an airport in miniature size. Besides the impressive miniature versions of Hamburg, the mountainous German region of the Harz, the Austrian Alps, France, Italy, North America and Scandinavia ─ and several construction sites are open for curious visitors as well!

Hamburg’s miniature replica world comprises no less than 1.545 square metres and is home to over 290,000 'Wunderländer' (as its inhabitants are called). A 200-square-metre miniature version of Hamburg itself includes Hamburg's main attractions such as Michel and Hagenbecks Tierpark zoo, as well as Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, at which 1,500 trains arrive on a daily basis.

How it started

In the year 2000, the brothers Frederik and Gerrit Braun set out to build the largest model railway system in the world. After applying for a loan, they began construction in December 2000. In August 2001 they could already operate three completed, miniature sections. Today, this miniature world comprises 1000 square metres, with even more sites to follow. The latest construction was dedicated to the various landmarks of Italy. Small-scale versions of Monaco, Provence and South America are scheduled to follow. A whole new section of the Speicherstadt warehouse district has been rented for this purpose. There's no shortness of ideas: plans for a Central American and Asian scenery and a futuristic landscape have also found mention. 

The Wunderland may be crowded on weekends and holidays. To avoid a long wait, check the 'waiting time forecast' or make a reservation. Miniatur Wunderland offers travel guides in English, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Download them here.


Miniatur Wunderland Modelleisenbahn Hamburg
Kehrwieder 4
20457 Hamburg

Getting there

By public transport (HVV)
Station: Baumwall (U3)

Opening hours

Miniatur Wunderland is open every day; the exact opening hours are subject to season and day of the week.

To plan ahead, please see here for a detailed timetable.



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