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Hamburg has over 35 hospitals and specialist facilities offering round-the-clock medical care. Find out which hospital is closest to you.

Hospitals in Hamburg, Germany

Hospitals in Hamburg

The information in this article has been provided by Hamburg Welcome Portal.

There are over 35 hospitals and specialist facilities in Hamburg. The largest is the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), which also doubles as an important research facility. Most hospitals in Hamburg are public hospitals (Öffentliche Krankenhäuser) run by local authorities. Other options are voluntary non-profit hospitals (Freigemeinnützige Krankenhäuser) or private hospitals (Privatkrankenhäuser). The map on the right side shows all public hospitals in Hamburg.

Most, though not all, hospitals offer A&E services (Zentrale Notaufnahme) in addition to stationary care. Some facilities specialise in particular medical fields such as pediatric medicine. Here you can find the full list of hospitals in Hamburg and their specialties (in German). 

Except for emergencies, a doctor will issue a written prescription for hospital care (Verordnung von Krankenhausbehandlung), e.g. for special medical examinations, surgeries and childbirth. The cost of treatment in hospitals (medical examinations, surgeries, nursing, pharmaceuticals, medical aids and appliances, catering, stationary accommodation) is normally covered by your health insurance provider. However, hospitalised patients over 18 years of age will have to pay €10 per day for their stay, up to a maximum of 28 days (€280).

Tip: Find an overview of the hospitals in your area on the Hamburg Hospital Portal. This interactive map shows all hospitals in Hamburg with search and filter options (in German only).  First, you enter your location into the search field. Now, all nearby hospitals will be displayed on the map. The filter function allows a more specific search for birth assistance (Geburtshilfe) and/or emergency care after accidents (Not- und Unfallversorgung).

In case of an acute medical emergency, always dial 112.