A Change of Perspective Dialogue in the Dark

The Dialoghaus in Speicherstadt is all about respect. It connects people in a playful manner by focusing on skills rather than deficiencies.

Dialog im Dunkeln Exhibition

Dialogue in the Dark - The DIALOGHAUS in Speicherstadt

At the DIALOGHAUS in Hamburg's beautiful Speicherstadt, three different exhibitions create mutual awareness and respect for people with visual or hearing disabilities, as well as for elderly citizens.

DIALOG IM DUNKELN - Dialogue in the Dark

Experience the invisible! The DIALOG IM DUNKELN exhibition in Speicherstadt is unlike all the rest - because there’s, quite literally, nothing to see there. Groups will be lead through pitch-black darkness by a visually-impaired guide. He/she will assist you through his/her everyday routine: visit a street market, cross a busy street, have dinner with friends. In total darkness, these situations become a challenge for untrained visitors. In that way, a change of perspective is happening during every trip. Impaired people become ambassadors of their world while people with healthy vision experience an environment that is new to them. Thus, pity is turned into respect and appreciation.  

School classes and their teachers can take part in workshops: a coach will share his/her knowledge about being blind before students can experience for themselves. Study material is available on-site for all ages.

In 2014, a second exhibition has been added: DIALOG IM STILLEN (lit. Dialogue in Silence) leads people through a world without sound. A deaf guide introduces children and adults alike to sign and body language and assists them with mastering everyday situations.

For the near future, another exhibition is planned: DIALOG MIT DER ZEIT (Dialogue with Time) will examine questions of age and intergenerational tasks.  

DIALOGHAUS HAMBURG GmbH, where all exhibitions take place, employs more than 100 people; more than half of which have impaired vision or hearing. The first exhibition, DIALOG IM DUNKELN, was first opened in April 2000.

Until 2019, 12 million visitors have taken part in the guided tours at the DIALOGHAUS. With its concepts for cross-cultural encounters, the exhibitions aim at contributing towards creating an empathic world without prejudice.

Experience & Gastronomy

Teambuilding & coaching events, company parties and children’s birthdays can be celebrated at the DIALOGHAUS. For a fully immersive evening, you can combine the exhibition(s) with a three- or four-course dinner in the dark (booking in advance is required: call 0049 40 309 6340).


Alter Wandrahm 4
20457 Hamburg

Opening hours:

Mon - Fri: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sat: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sun: closed

Getting there:

U1 station Meßberg
Bus number 111, station Elbphilharmonie 
Further information can be found here.

Dialogue in the Dark


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Dialogue in the Dark