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Museum of Work Online - Explore Hamburg's History of Work and Industry

Hamburg’s Museum of Work has done a lot to ensure that it is digitally available to the public. Exhibitions have been digitised, allowing for a virtual visit to the topical and poignant content hosted by this unique museum. For example, a current exhibition on Hamburg’s colonial history has garnered much attention, as it focuses on how the city deals with the history and the long-term consequences of colonial rule. The Museum of Work has even solicited contributions from the public, who can reach out to for more information. 

Visitors can even experience exhibitions of the past. A retrospective tour of the Out of Office exhibition, which was featured at the Museum of Work in 2019, lets viewers experience the opportunities and risks of what is currently a reality: being OUT OF OFFICE. 

The Museum of Work’s historic slewing crane from 1915 is the oldest object of its kind in the entire collection of the Hamburg Historical Museums Foundation (SHMH). The crane on the Osterbek canal is an important industrial historical testimony of the former New-York Hamburger Gummi-Waaren Compagnie, which was formerly housed in the buildings that house the Museum of Work today. Interested parties can now discover the crane’s history in a video from the museum. 

These are just some of the exciting digital goodies on offer at the Museum of Work. For more information, visit them online.

Museum of Work Online