Getting Around Electric Scooters

What better way to move through the city quickly and easily than on two wheels? Hamburg has scooter rentals perfect for visitors and locals alike.

Symbolic image: Electric Scooters in Hamburg, Germany

Electric Scooters in Hamburg - Learn about Providers, Apps and Costs

You don't have to own a Vespa to drive through Hamburg's streets on two wheels. Whether a scooter sharing app or classic rental is more your style, Hamburg has options for renting motor scooters at low costs. Emission-free electric scooters are particularly popular.

Emmy: e-scooter sharing

These black and red electric scooters from the Berlin company Emmy are quiet, emission-free and run on Hamburg's streets with green electricity. If you’re wondering how Emmy works, just think of well-known car sharing programmes like Car2Go or DriveNow: users can rent a scooter using a smartphone app and park it again throughout the city for the next rider.

To become an Emmy user, you must register for the app with your driver's license. Scooters cost €0.23 per minute or €29 per day. Both a driver and passenger can use the scooter at once, and so two helmets are provided in the box on the back of each bike.

More information at Emmy.

Evectro: electric rentals

Everything’s electric at Evectro! The company rents e-scooters and e-bikes to Hamburgers in need of a ride. At €25, the hourly rate for a scooter rental is more expensive than Emmy, but there is also a wider variety of choices. Or try out Evectro’s e-bikes, an agile and quick way to jet around the city. Evectro also offers e-scooter tours and long term rentals, starting at 3 months.

More information at Evectro.