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MOIA's electric shuttles collect users traveling along similar routes and then drop them at their destinations.

MOIA ridesharing in Hamburg, Germany

Ridesharing in Hamburg with MOIA: cost efficient and environmentally friendly

MOIA - an environmentally friendly addition to local transport 

MOIA is a key part of Hamburg’s new environmentally friendly mobility system brought to the Hanseatic city by Volkswagen and the Hamburger Hochbahn AG. The ridesharing service uses environmentally friendly electric vehicles that complement local public transport and offer an alternative to private cars. An intelligent algorithm sorts the users’ pick-up points and destinations and then bundles them together to create fast and efficient drop-off routes. 

How does MOIA work? 

MOIA works via an easy-to-use app of the same name. Simply download the MOIA app for free from either the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store. After you've verified your email address and provided your name and phone number, you're ready to go. After entering your start and destination addresses, you will be informed when a MOIA vehicle is available. You can book rides up to ten minutes in advance. Special requests can be made as well, such as taking other riders or a child seat along with you. 

Arrival time and travel costs are displayed in the app. Prices can vary based on factors like demand, time of day, and day of the week, meaning the same route may have slightly different costs at different times. 

If you book a trip for multiple people to ride with you, the price per person drops. The cost of a route is always determined by distance and doesn’t increase even if there are new detours to pick up or drop off other riders who are not part of your group. 

Payment is made via the app with a credit card (Visa or Matercard), Apple Pay or PayPal.

Hamburg Airport is included in the MOIA business area. There is a surcharge for the trip to the airport. Only smaller luggage should be taken on the journey. The stop at the airport is on the special lane in front of Terminal 2 on the arrivals level behind the second S-Bahn tunnel. 

MOIA vehicles 

The vehicles in MOIA’s fleet are equipped with quiet and emission-free electric engines. The electric doors allow passengers to get in and out of the vehicle with ease. Six individual seats ensure a comfortable ride for all thanks to plentiful legroom and privacy - no being squished together with other riders! Free USB ports and free WiFi are also available. 

The concept 

MOIA shuttles handle travel requests from different people who are travelling in the same direction. These are combined together via an algorithm, the routes are planned, and travel and arrival times are calculated individually. The planned integration into the hvv switch platform is intended to expand the existing range of car sharing vehicles and rental bicycles that can be booked online with a new, environmentally friendly ‘shared mobility’ solution. ‘The Shuttle-on-Demand from MOIA combines the flexibility of a private car with the environmental friendliness of local public transport,’ says MOIA COO Robert Henrich. ‘We are looking forward to working with our partners in Hamburg to implement a globally unique project and to gain important insights into future urban traffic.’

Electric shuttle buses 

MOIA is using a new vehicle model that is fully electric and therefore emission-free. Up to six people can ride along. The concept was first put into action in August 2018 in Hanover, where over 50,000 customers have been using MOIA since its inception. Around 60% of journeys there are shared journeys at peak times. With over 200 vehicles, MOIA is now expanding its range of individual inner-city mobility for Hamburg residents as well. 

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