Getting Around Taxi Services

Hamburg has several taxi companies that operate within the city. Find out how to contact them and what rates you can expect.​​​​​​​

Taxi Services in Hamburg

Taxi Services

The city of Hamburg has rather strict laws when it comes to taxi services, ensuring that passengers only deal with professional companies. You can recognise taxis by their ivory colour and a taxi sign on the roof of the car.

Finding a taxi

Official taxi stands are located at Hamburg Airport, all train stations and at popular shopping, business and tourist locations around the city. It’s also possible to hail a taxi on the street: if the sign is lit up, the car is available. You can order a taxi by calling one of the taxi dispatch centres, book online on BetterTaxi, or download the myTaxi app.

+49 40 - 44 10 11
Das Taxi
+49 40 - 22 11 22
+49 40 - 211 211
prima clima mobil
+49 40 - 211 522
Taxi Hamburg
+49 40 - 66 66 66
Taxi Alstertal
+49 40 - 600 30 40
Funktaxi Bergedorf
+49 40 - 721 80 34
Taxenanruf Blankenese
+49 40 - 86 06 02
Funktaxenruf Harburg
+49 40 - 77 43 53
Funk-Taxi Wilhelmsburg
+49 40 - 75 78 23

Taxi fares

Hamburg taxis operate with fixed, metered fares, making it easy to calculate what you’ll have to pay for your ride. Should you need a larger vehicle that fits more than four passengers, you can opt for a so-called “Großraumtaxe” for an additional €6. Tipping the driver is appreciated, simply round up the total sum (i.e. €9,20 to €10). All taxi drivers should accept payment with cash and by debit- or credit card.

Starting tariff€3,20
The first 4 kilometres
€2,35 per km
From the 5th to the 9th kilometres
€2,10 per km
From the 10th kilometre onward
€1,45 per km
Standby after 1 minute
€0,10 per 12 seconds

Taxi Services


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