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Since 1 May 2023 travelling around Hamburg and the metropolitan region by public transport is much easier and cheaper thanks to the hvv Deutschlandticket.

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Use the hvv Deutschlandticket to travel all of Hamburg and Germany

Since 1 May 2023, the federal Deutschlandticket is available and valid – a major step forward for local and regional mobility all over Germany. For only €49 per month, ticket holders may use buses, U and S-Bahn trains, ferry boats as well as any regional trains as they wish. hvv meets this transformation with additional perks for residents and infrequent travellers.

The changes in brief

  • The ticket for school children is only €19 per month 
  • Azubi apprentices pay only €29 per month 
  • Hamburg residents eligible for social benefits only pay €19 per month 
  • Different plans for employees depend on employers’ contributions 
  • Upgrades available for students (Semesterticket)

Deutschlandticket for Only €49

Anyone with a hvv Profiticket or any other hvv ticket subscriptions who has been paying more than €49 per month will automatically get a Deutschlandticket from 1 May 2023. This means that without any further action, the subscription will be reduced to €49. 

Thus, existing customers will save up to €165.80 per month and the Hamburg AB travel pass will be reduced by €47.90 per month. At the same time, subscribers may board local and regional buses and RB and RE trains all over Germany. 

Please note: The Deutschlandticket will not be valid on transport intended purely for long-distance travel, for example EC, IC or ICE trains, or FlixBus or other long-distance bus journeys. 

Easy Subscription

Anyone without a current subscription can purchase their ticket with just a click and a swipe – without having to fill out any form. And for anyone who does not use a phone compatible with the hvv switch app, the ticket also comes as a chip card, which can be purchased online. 

hvv Card holders may use the same card without any limitations. 

Anyone who is currently using a ticket that is cheaper than €49 per month may of course continue using their ticket. 


From 1 May 2023, employees subscribing to the hvv Profiticket will automatically be transferred to the Deutschlandticket subscription – with all its perks. They will pay only €34.30 per month if their employer contributes at least 25% (€12.25 per month); the remaining 5% (€2.45) will be covered by hvv.  

If the employer is ready to raise the contribution to €21.55 per month, the hvv Profiticket plan will be in effect: employees will have to pay only €25 for a ticket valid in local and regional traffic all over Germany, and they may take an additional person and up to 3 children with them on their ticket on weekends and holidays. 

If employees do not wish to subscribe to the Deutschlandticket travel pass, they can choose between three free day travel passes per month for all of the hvv network (Klimaticket S) and a subscription free monthly travel pass for all of Germany for only €34.40 (Klimaticket XL). The contribution on the side of the employer for both options will be €12.25.

School Children 

School children in Hamburg can use local and regional public transport all over Germany for only €19 per month – that’s only about 60 cents per day. The transition from the children’s SchulSpezial travel passes to the hvv Deutschlandticket will happen automatically on 1 May 2023. 

Trainees (Azubis

From 1 May 2023, Azubis (Azubi is short for Auszubildende, lit. ‘trainee’) will be transferred from the previous BonusTicket plan to the Deutschlandticket for only €29 per month. Within the hvv operation area, Azubis may even take one additional person and up to 3 children under the age of 14 with them on their ticket. 

Persons with Low Income 

Persons receiving social benefits, such as Grundsicherung or Sozialhilfe, can use the Deutschlandticket travel in local and regional public transport all over Germany for only €19 from 1 May 2023. This will make Hamburg one of the very few regions in Germany that issue the Deutschlandticket for less than €20 to persons with low income. In combination with the travel plan for school children (see above), children in families with low income will even receive their Deutschlandticket free of charge. 


Students will get the option of upgrading their Semesterticket each month to the Deutschlandticket plan for only an extra €18,20. There are further perks planned for the upcoming winter term.

Persons Without Subscription 

For international visitors and anyone who does not want a subscription, the weekly and monthly hvv travel passes will be much cheaper from 1 May 2023. The weekly travel pass will be only €29, and the monthly travel pass only €69. While being cheaper than before, both tickets will be valid for the entire hvv network area, whereas the previous options were valid only for the Hamburg AB area. The tickets can be purchased online as well as at all hvv service points and vending machines. 

Persons receiving social benefits will pay only €39 for a monthly hvv travel pass if they do not wish to enter a subscription.  

Further Changes
There will be supplementary tickets for subscribers to take one adult person and up to three children with them on their ticket on weekends and holiday for an additional €15. The ticket is valid for the entire hvv network area. First class coaches on regional trains can be boarded with another supplementary ticket for €47.20 per month. 

Single travel passes, day passes and group tickets around the hvv network area will not be subject to change.

For updates and more information see here.

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