Getting Around Speed Cameras

To avoid unexpected travel expenses, beware of speed cameras in and around Hamburg!​​​​​​

Radar Traps in Hamburg

Speed cameras in and around Hamburg

Germany enjoys a worldwide reputation for its Autobahn motorways. The absence of mandatory speed limits is among the first things that come to mind when thinking about the country. However, this doesn’t mean that traffic rules are less strict. In fact, the vast majority of German roads do have speed limits and speeding may result in massive fines and temporary loss of driver’s licenses (see the table below for details).

The easiest way to keep your travel expenses down is to avoid excessive speeding while travelling through Germany! Stick to the designated speed limits of (most commonly) 30 or 50 km/h within city limits or 100 km/h on country roads. Only on the Autobahn, if not indicated differently, may “the pedal be put to the metal.”      

The map to the right helps you to locate permanent speed cameras in and around Hamburg. Remember that it won’t do to memorize them and drive recklessly everywhere else, because you can always hit one of the mobile traffic control units, too.

If you live in another EU country and get caught red-handed for more serious violations of traffic laws (fines exceeding 70€), a penalty notice will be mailed to your home address. Refusal to pay these fines can be prosecuted across international borders.      

To end on a lighter note: Speed cameras in Germany are commonly referred to as “Blitzer”.

Fine (€)
License Suspension
Exceeding speed limit by
Within / outside city limits
Within / outside city limits
Up to 10 km/h
11-15 km/h

16-21 km/h

21-25 km/h

26-30 km/h

31-40 km/h
1 month (within city limits)
41-50 km/h
1 month
51-60 km/h
2 months/1 month
61-70 km/h
3 months/2 months
over 70 km/h
3 months

Speed Cameras


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