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With several car sharing companies to choose from, your car is always parked just around the corner.​​​​​​​

Car Sharing in Hamburg

Car Sharing in Hamburg

Whether you’re commuting between the outskirts and the city, or need to transport your impulse-bought flatscreen-TV home: sometimes you just need a car. However, car ownership can be costly and stressful. In Hamburg, carsharing options abound, with more and more people relying on these affordable alternatives. Especially for occasional drivers, carsharing can be a cost-effective and easy option.

Non-stationary carsharing

The cars of non-stationary carsharing providers like Share Now and Sixt are parked all over the city, so you'll almost always find a vehicle waiting just around the corner. This option is aimed mostly at spontaneous drivers that need a car for short distances within the city. Apart from a registration fee, there are no fixed costs: you either pay by the minute, hour, day, or kilometre, while petrol is included.

After registry, you can find the closest car via the mobile phone app. Once you found your vehicle, simply check for damage, unlock the car by a code and drive. After you’re done driving, simply park the car at your final destination. It helps, of course, that the Share Now  Smarts can be navigated into even the tiniest parking space.  

Stationary Carsharing

Companies like Cambio, Greenwheels, and Flinkster operate carsharing stations, where, much like at a standard car rental, you can choose from different models. These options can be booked in advance and also allow for long-distance and sometimes even international drives. Prices are usually based on time and distance, and there are different rates for payment by the hour, day, or week. Optional monthly payments result in lower rates or free kilometres.   

Cambio should be your first option if you have small children, as most of the cars come with a complementary infant seat. Flinkster stations can usually be found around Deutsche Bahn train stations. And last but not least, the international Greenwheels provider even has delivery vans in its fleet.


For a maximum of options, consider Switchh. At a monthly rate of only 8,90€, Hamburg’s public transport company HVV offers you a combination of free driving minutes and significants discounts with Share Now, Cambio and StadtRAD City Bikes.

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