Hamburg by... Bike

Nothing beats Hamburg by bike! Join a city cycling tour or take your bike on the train to explore the suburbs on two wheels.

Find the most beautiful spots to explore by bike Hamburg has very many bike lanes

Hamburg by Bike!

For occasional cyclists and pros alike, Hamburg is ideal for a bike trip. There are hardly any hills to speak of and, with so much open space, there is a vast network of bike lanes laid out all over the city. In recent years the grid has been enhanced significantly, giving you the opportunity to explore Hamburg either by yourself or by joining a guided bike tour. All the major sights are within reach and a trip around HafenCity Hamburg and Speicherstadt or out to Blankenese will soon have you list Hamburg as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.   

In case you have less time to indulge in the beauty of the city and are here for work purposes: Do yourself a favour! Ditch the car on your daily commute and take the bike instead!

If you don't own a bicycle yourself, Hamburg has an extremely convenient solution for you:

A Stadtrad bike can be borrowed at one of 150 stations everywhere in the city. For a small fee you can create an account and get on one of the 1,800 striking red bikes. There is no catch and there won’t be any additional costs unless you exceed the 30 minute time limit.  

If you plan to go on a proper bike trip, there are plenty of opportunities. You can cycle around the Alster Lake, through the Altes Land and Vierlanden rural areas or start in the city centre and cycle for as long as you want along the Elbe river.

The trails of the metropolitan region lead you through the diverse landscapes of Germany's northernmost state Schleswig-Holstein, the heathland around Lueneburg or all the way to Bremen.

There is the possibility to take your bike on U,S and A trains for free, although there is a ban during busy hours (weekdays 6:00 ─ 9:00 a.m., 4:00 ─ 6:00 p.m.). Bikes can be taken on the ferry at all times and free of charge.

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