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Certificate of completion

With the certificate of closure, the building authority certifies to the applicant (usually the building owner or property owner) that apartments or other rooms are self-contained. The certificate is required to sell condominiums in multi-family ... Continue

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planning application

For the construction, the change (e.g. conversion), the change of use (e.g. conversion of a shop into an apartment) as well as the demolition of buildings and other structures, you usually need a building permit. A complete building application is an ... Continue

Building application - ongoing application procedures Submit building application 2.0

Demolition approval

The regulations of the Hamburg Building Regulations (HBauO) apply to the removal of structures. A demolition permit is regularly required. Only projects that are procedure-free according to HBauO do not require approval. Independently of this, the ... Continue

Building application - ongoing application procedures

Construction start announcement

The building owner must notify the building supervisory authority of the start of execution of building projects requiring approval or the resumption of building work after an interruption of more than three months. Continue

Construction, demolition and resume start indicator - construction start indicator

Change of use of buildings and parts thereof

For example, if you want to set up a business in a house that was previously only intended for living, a change of use should be considered. Continue

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