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Enforcement of child benefit claims

Unlawfully drawn child benefit will be reclaimed from the family benefits office. If the debtor does not meet his payment obligations voluntarily, the amount due may be enforced (e.g. seizure of property) by the main customs office in Hamburg-Stadt. Continue

Motor vehicle tax Hamburg - tax breaks for severely disabled people

For vehicles that are registered for severely disabled people, the Motor Vehicle Tax Act provides tax breaks in the form of a full tax exemption or a tax reduction of 50 percent. The type of tax relief is determined by the characteristics that are ... Continue

Customs and excise duties

For legal reasons, all information can only be given without obligation and relates exclusively to the customs regulations applicable in Germany. The German customs administration does not have the customs regulations of other countries. Continue

Motor vehicle tax Hamburg

The customs administration has been responsible for vehicle taxation in Hamburg since March 14, 2014. From this point on, tax cases are processed by the responsible main customs office in Hamburg-Stadt. Questions about the taxation of a motor vehicle ... Continue

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