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Apply for local jurisdiction / certificate of inheritance:
The court (probate court) in whose district the testator had his last habitual residence is basically responsible for the application for the certificate of inheritance (correct: the acceptance of the affidavit in the application for the certificate of inheritance). The application for a certificate of inheritance can also be applied for at the court of domicile of the heir or through a notary (not a lawyer).
Local jurisdiction / disclaimer:
The court of the last habitual place of residence of the deceased has jurisdiction. However, the disclaimer can also be made at the probate court at the place of residence of the person disclaiming the inheritance. In principle, the waiver can also be declared at any notary public - without additional costs apart from value added tax. The waiver must be received by the competent probate court within the 6-week waiver period after learning of the accrual of the inheritance and the reason for the appeal as an heir. To settle the fee for a disclaimer, the disclaimer receives a cost invoice. Cash or card payment is not possible on site. The fee depends on the assets of the estate and is taken from a table of fees.
The submission of an application to make an appointment for a waiver of an inheritance does not meet the deadline.
Disclaimer of inheritance for minors must be made by the legal representative at the probate court. Under certain circumstances, a family court approval is required, which must be applied for at the family court after the waiver.
Disclaimer of inheritance with residence abroad:
Heirs residing abroad can apply for a waiver of an inheritance either in person at the responsible district court, through a notary or through the German consulate.
Note for wills:
Wills that are to be kept can be sent by post to the local court or placed in safekeeping at another Hamburg local court. The will can be kept at the testator's preferred district court .

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Waiver of inheritance due to overindebtedness of the estate:

Minimum fee 30 euros.

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