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Residence permit, issued for children born in Germany

A child born in Germany can be granted a residence permit if one of the parents has a residence permit, a settlement permit or a permit for permanent residence - EU. If, at the time of birth, both parents or the parent with sole custody of the child ... Continue

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Apply for family reunification with a foreign minor child in Germany

If you want to join your foreign minor child in Germany, you can obtain a residence permit for family reunification Continue

Residence permit Hamburg

Subsequent certification of a birth abroad for Germans not resident in Germany

If you or your child were born abroad, the birth can be recorded in the German birth register. Continue

Sales tax reimbursement - import to Germany

Sales tax reimbursement to domestic entrepreneurs by foreign states: 1. EU MEMBER STATES reimburse domestic entrepreneurs for the sales tax paid there under certain conditions. Applications in EU member states can only be submitted electronically via ... Continue

Authentication of documents and certificates issued abroad

The transcripts / copies of foreign documents can only be authenticated to a very limited extent. The documents must be in German - in the form of certified translations. The certificate of origin must be provided with an apostille or legalization. Continue

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Sales tax reimbursement - export from Germany

Export sales by entrepreneurs are exempt from sales tax if the entrepreneur can prove the legal requirements for this. Under certain conditions, this also applies to sales to travelers outside the European Union. SALES TAX REFUNDS TO PRIVATE PERSONS: ... Continue

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