District courts, foreclosure matters

Important notes

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Inquiries can only be made in writing by post or fax. Processing by email is not possible.

In this case it is necessary to enter the name of the debtor in the search mask to determine the specific point of contact. We ask you to repeat the entry if necessary.

Applications / certificates to increase the seizure exemption limit for so-called P-accounts (seizure-free accounts) are NOT issued by the court, but only by the instance from which the person concerned receives money. (Employer, transfer service provider, etc.).

Information from the register of assets:
Copies of the list of assets, taken by January 1, 2013, and deposited with the competent enforcement court (debtor's residence), cost 15 EUR.

Copies of the list of assets on the asset information provided under the new law, i.e. from 1.1.2013, are only issued by the responsible bailiff at the debtor's residence. Cost: 25 EUR

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