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HafenCity Hamburg is the most ambitious inner-city development in Europe: Modern architecture meets the city's historical UNESCO sites.

HafenCity Hamburg with Elbphilharmonie

HafenCity Hamburg

The Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, the futuristic Unilever-Haus, the massive cruise ships at the piers ─ there is plenty to see and do by the Elbe river.

In 2000, after four years of intensive planning, the Hamburg Senate went ahead with the project and the foundations were laid for HafenCity Hamburg. Construction on Hamburg’s newest precinct are scheduled to be finished in 2025. By then, inner-city Hamburg will have been extended by 40%. On 1,570,000 square metres by the Elbe, 6,000 apartments for approximately 14,000 residents are being built. In addition, the quarter will create up to 45,000 workplaces.  

Today, the single-most prominent site in HafenCity Hamburg is also the city's new landmark: Built on the foundations of an old storehouse, the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg has come to define the city's skyline.

HafenCity Hamburg's modern architecture contrasts greatly with that of the nearby Speicherstadt, a historic warehouse district. Along with the Kontorhausviertel (lit. 'trading house district') and Chilehaus (lit. 'Chile house'), it has been included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is an absolute must-see on every journey to Hamburg.

Many other architectural eye-catchers reward a visit to HafenCity Hamburg, such as the new Spiegel Publishing House and Unilever House with its futuristic facades. And since April 2014, HafenCity Hamburg University has been offering Bachelor and Master degrees in architecture and urban development.

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