Public Transport €9 Travel Pass

In summer 2022, travel passes for both local and regional transport are only €9 per month. Read on for how they work and where to get them.

View of the Elbphilharmonie concert building from the window of a Hochbahn U-Bahn train car

See information on the 9 euro monthly travel pass

In order to help bring about independence from oil imports, the German government has decided to make public transport more accessible and available for all. For the months of June, July and August, travel passes for public transport all over Germany will be only €9 each.

This monthly travel pass is valid for all means of local public transport (buses, trams, ferries, U- and S-Bahn trains) as well as all regional trains (A, RB and RE trains); IC and ICE trains are not included.

The travel pass can now be purchased online and from 1 June on at any ticket counter or machine.

Note: This campaign is not only aimed at car owners! People who already have subscriptions (Abonnements) to other hvv or DB offers, for example a ProfiTicket, will benefit as well. The difference between the subscription amount and the €9 travel pass price will be refunded to subscribers.


When will the €9 travel pass be available?
The campaign runs from 1 June to 31 August. The travel pass can be purchased at any time and is valid until the end of the respective month. This means that for the full 90-day period, three passes need to be purchased, one for each month.

Where and at what times is the travel pass valid?
The travel pass is valid for 2nd class travels on all means of local and regional public transport throughout Germany. This includes buses, trams, ferries, U- and S-Bahn trains as well as A, RB and RE local and regional trains and even private organisations, such as Metronom or erixx.

EC, IC and ICE trains as well as Flixtrains and Flixbuses are not included as they are considered long-distance travel. 

Each ticket is valid until the end of the calendar month in which it is purchased. There are no limitations on the use of the ticket with regard to the time of day, so it can be used around the clock.

However, the travel pass is specific to the user and cannot be transferred to other persons.

Where can I get the €9 travel pass?
The easiest and most comfortable way to buy the travel pass is to use the hvv mobile app, the hvv switch app or the hvv or DB online shops. Advance bookings will be available via the online shop and the hvv app from 20 May.

The travel pass will also be available at all hvv and DB ticket counters and vending machines as well as the hvv switch app from 1 June.

How do ProfiTicket or other subscription holders benefit from the campaign?
During the three-month campaign period, the price of all hvv tickets and subscription (Abonnement) passes will be automatically reduced to €9 per month. The difference between the subscription price and the €9 travel pass price will be refunded to subscribers, who do not have to take any further action. There are no further limitations to the use of the pass during day or night times.

Subscribers may also use their €9 hvv tickets throughout Germany during this three-month period and are no longer limited to the hvv zones for which their tickets are normally valid.

Regular hvv subscribers (Abonnenten) may share their pass with one further person, but only within the hvv transport grid.

What if I buy a more expensive ticket/travel pass by accident?
From 1 June and during the campaign period, all other tickets and travel passes more expensive than €9 are suspended, as they are replaced by the 9-euro travel pass. Thus, it is not possible to buy any other ticket more expensive than €9 online or at any counter or vending machine.

Day and group passes are still on offer, as special rules for ride shares may apply.

For more information, see the hvv website and online shop.

€9 Travel Pass