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Vehicle clearance certificate, replacement operating permit

Vehicles that are not registered require an operating license to be issued with an official license plate or an insurance license plate. If the operating permit is no longer available, a replacement certificate must be requested from the manufacturer ... Continue

Obtaining a certificate of the time of birth

If you need proof of your time of birth, you can apply for a corresponding certificate. You can obtain this from the registry office that certified the birth or from any registry office connected to the state-wide central register. Continue

Request for a certificate

Obtaining a pet passport

Regulations when traveling with dogs, cats or ferrets to protect against rabies. Continue

District Court, dunning request - AZ 500-749 - ongoing proceedings, TEAM B (previously EDV 03)

The joint dunning court in Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is responsible for issuing dunning notices + enforcement notices + processing contradictions. Payment in installments can only be approved by the applicant (creditor). An objection ... Continue

Driving licence, issuing a driving license for accompanied driving at the age of 17 (category B and BE)

The minimum age for obtaining a category B and BE driving license will be reduced to 17 years. Continue

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