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The guardianship provides advice and support when paternity needs to be clarified or maintenance matters need to be clarified. Continue

Apply for a declaration of custody

If you as parents are not married to each other when your child is born, you can obtain joint custody by submitting both declarations of custody. Continue

Re-notarization of a marriage abroad

If someone got married abroad, an application can be made to the registry office of their place of residence for the marriage to be subsequently recorded in the German marriage register (the family register on application no longer exists since 01.01 ... Continue

Death certificates

There has been a death in your family and you now need a death certificate. Continue

Authentication of civil status documents

Civil status documents are generally not allowed to be authenticated! Certificates are to be newly created. Please contact the registry office that issued the original certificate. Continue

Request for a certificate

Certifications of copies of official documents for submission to an authority and for private law purposes

Each authority can officially certify copies / photocopies of documents that it has issued itself or that are intended for its own use. In addition, the registration authority responsible for the person concerned is authorized to officially certify ... Continue

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