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Pension payment notification procedure

The pension payment notification procedure enables the correct tax registration of the pension payments. The pension insurance institutions transmit the pension receipt notifications (RBM) to the Central Allowance Office for Retirement Assets (ZfA). ... Continue

Pension taxation, general information

How are retirement pensions taxed? Annuity insurance policies in which the acquired entitlements cannot be lent against, cannot be inherited, cannot be sold, cannot be transferred and cannot be capitalized (statutory annuity insurance, professional ... Continue

Registration based on special expertise of persons who are license holders under the Legal Advice Act

If you are a license holder under the Legal Advice Act, you must register in the Legal Services Register. Continue

Social assistance Help in other life situations Approval

If the situation in life that triggers your need is not regulated in social law, help can be granted in other situations. Continue

Social assistance, subsistence assistance in the event of permanent disability

Social assistance is given to those who cannot or insufficiently obtain their necessary livelihood from their own strengths and resources, i.e. neither income nor assets are sufficient for this. The prerequisite is a temporary, at least 6 months, but ... Continue

Apply for a certificate of permanent residence for EU/EEA citizens entitled to freedom of movement

Citizens of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) who have acquired a permanent right of residence can apply to the immigration authorities for a certificate confirming the existence of this right. Continue

Residence permit Hamburg

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