Work yourself through the ten levels of this extra-ordinary museum.

International Maritime Museum Hamburg (IMMH)

Hamburg's oldest still existing historic warehouse is home to an extensive maritime exhibit.

International Maritime Museum Hamburg

Peter Tamm (1928 - 2016) collected everything about maritime history since he was a child. At the age of five years, when he was sick and tied to bed his mother brought him a miniature ship as a gift. As if a switch was flipped, his collector's passion was sparked.

Today, more than a million pictures, 100,000 books, countless oil paintings, model ships ─ of which more than 38,000 of miniature size ─ nautical instruments, uniforms, maps, telescopes, and everything else that is part of maritime history, form part of the treasure.

The museum, located in HafenCity Hamburg, opened its doors for the audience in 2008. The extraordinary collection is distributed over nine levels, each telling its own story: like the world's largest bone ship collection ─ have a look yourself and visit level eight. 

Tamm used to recommend to his visitors: start at the top level and work through the exhibition to the ground level.
Besides the many exhibits, the modernistic museum has an educative approach as well. For example, on deck one you can use the ship simulator: By navigating a 300 metres long container ship you get to know the world’s largest ports such as Rotterdam and Singapore.

'You've got to be crazy', Peter Tamm confessed with a smile, as he commented on his passion.
In former times he travelled the world's oceans himself, writing for a local newspaper. He appreciated every single aspect of maritime history, but a special interest lied in deep-sea research. Visit level seven to dive into this thrilling topic.

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