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Housing benefit advice

If you can cover your other living expenses and part of the rent or burden with your own income, you can check whether you are also entitled to housing benefit. Continue

Housing benefit Rent subsidy first application Housing benefit subsidy for the first application

Housing benefit transfer for new applications by November 30th, 2022

Approved housing benefit is generally transferred to an account. It can be sent to your place of residence for a fee. Continue

Housing benefit increase application for new applications until 30.11.2022

You can submit a new application for higher housing benefit while you are still receiving housing benefit if your income decreases has increased the number of household members to be considered, or Have increased your rent or charge. Continue

Subsidy application in agriculture (covering costs, fall animal subsidy)

If you have incurred costs due to covering or falling animals, you can apply for aid. Continue

Housing benefit change for new applications until November 30th, 2022

You can submit a change request while receiving housing benefit. You must notify us immediately of any changes that lead to a reduction. Continue

Housing benefit reduction ex officio for new applications until 30.11.2022

If the housing benefit office becomes aware of changes in the circumstances that are not just temporary, a new decision must be made on the housing benefit. Continue

Notification of change in housing benefit for new applications by November 30, 2022

If you are currently receiving housing benefit your income, the number of household members to be considered or your rent or encumbrance change, you are obliged to inform us immediately. Continue

Housing subsidy, legal affairs and Hamburg Investment and Development Bank (IFB)

Information and contact for housing subsidies, legal matters and the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank (IFB) Continue

Green roof / facade greening - subsidy calculator

You can use the subsidy calculator to calculate the possible subsidy amount for the production of green roofs and façades on buildings in Hamburg without obligation. Continue

Funding calculator Hamburg green roof funding

Apply for a loan or subsidy for training

If you find yourself in a financial emergency during your training, you can receive a loan or a subsidy from the job center under certain conditions. Continue

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