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Pension taxation, general information

How are retirement pensions taxed? Annuity insurance policies in which the acquired entitlements cannot be lent against, cannot be inherited, cannot be sold, cannot be transferred and cannot be capitalized (statutory annuity insurance, professional ... Continue

General social services - query my responsible department

Tasks: Advice for children, adolescents and adults on educational and family issues and separation problems. First point of contact for help with education! See also the link educational counseling center. Continue

ELStAM, general information on tax classes and combinations

1. Supplement to the tax classes: Tax class I: Widowed employees also belong to tax class I, with the exception of the year in which the spouse died and the following year (cf. tax class III). Tax class II: If the child is registered with more ... Continue

ELStAM, general information on the procedure

Here you can get a rough overview of the electronic wage tax deduction features. Continue

Income tax return, submission deadline, deadline extension

The deadlines for submitting income tax returns are shown below. Continue

Elections, general

The election offices are your contact points for elections in your district. Continue

Pre-register sales tax

As a company, you usually have to submit advance sales tax returns to the tax office on a monthly or quarterly basis. Continue

ELSTER (electronic tax return)

General full-time care for foster children, companionship

Are you a carer for a young person in full-time care? Then you will receive professional support and advice from the foster child service or the local youth welfare office. Continue

Digital foster care

Motor vehicle, vehicle defects, expired insurance cover, vehicle sales

Vehicle defects If a vehicle is defective, the vehicle owner is usually requested by the police or the LBV to remedy the defects or to put the vehicle out of operation. The holder is set a deadline for this. The keeper must act within this period. ... Continue

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