Day Trips Lübeck Hanseatic City

The former capital of the Hanseatic League impresses with guild style, warehouse-lined canals, grand cathedrals and amazing museums.

Visit Luebeck's old historic buildings like the impressive cathedral Experience the city from the waterside

Luebeck Hanseatic City

Historical Charm 

Named a UNESCO world heritage site in 1987, Luebeck is a bustling, lively city on the water.
Crisscross alleyways, historical buildings and Hanseatic charm are at the heart of Luebeck.
Take a guided tour around the city and get to know the sights, such as the famous Holstentor or the town hall, a little better.

Museums & History

For visitors who want to soak up some of the culture, Luebeck has a range of museums. Visit the European Hanseatic Museum for the history of sea merchants and trading, or head to the theatre puppet museum ─ ideal for curious children. Alternatively, the Willy-Brandt House in the old town, named after the Nobel Prize winning statesman, shows photos and exhibitions from all stages of his life ─ both personal and political.

Green Spaces

Luebeck also has a number of hidden green spaces across the city. The gardens behind the Willy Brandt House are a pleasure in the summer, and all across the city you can find gardens with sculptures, an exciting bee garden filled with flowers and even a monastery garden.
As well as this, nearby

is ideal for guests who want to visit the sea. The white sandy beach, a 100 year-old promenade and Germany's biggest port on the Baltic Sea, makes Travemuende the perfect spot to relax.