Day Trips Holsteinische Schweiz

Paddle the Schwentine river through the unique landscape and see the romantic towns & castles of 'Little Switzerland'.

Visit little Switzerland Enjoy paddling on of the regions lakes

Holsteinische Schweiz Region

Holsteinische Nature

One of the biggest natural parks in North Germany, the Holsteinische Schweiz region is one of the most relaxing areas in Schleswig-Holstein. With over 200 clear lakes, gentle rolling hills and green forests, the Holsteinische Schweiz region has now got many unusual plants and animals living in the area. As well as flora and fauna, visitors can find windmills, cute farms and cosy farmhouses, as well as castles and historical cities. Throughout the region there are also many museums, such as the Ostholstein Museum (German only), dedicated to local history.

Outdoor Activities

Visitors can enjoy the varied landscape on a bike tour (German only) ─ from hills to villages, fish to fields, there is a route to suit everyone. With so much green space (around 750 square kilometres worth!) there is a range of outdoor activities for young and old. Enjoy canoeing, rowing or sailing on the water, or keep your feet on dry land by hiking, fishing, cycling or riding across the region.

Holsteinische Schweiz