Hamburg for ... Beach Lovers

Did you know that Hamburg has its own beach and multiple beach bars? Explore the city's sandy side ─ here's how to get there.

Hamburg for beach lovers

Hamburg for Beach Lovers

The sandy northern bank of the Elbe river doubles as Hamburg's city beach. It stretches almost three kilometres from Övelgönne’s historic vessels to Teufelsbrück wharf. If you have only a few hours to spend by the water, ride your bike to the Elbe beach at Oevelgönne, or take the S-Bahn to picturesque Blankenese, with its Mediterranean feel, winding alleys and antique villas overlooking the river. Beach lovers with a little more time can drive or take a train up to the beautiful, sandy beaches of the North and Baltic Seas.

Put your feet in the sand and spend your day watching the wind surfers in St. Peter-Ording or explore the tall ship Passat in Travemünde. Explore the Wadden Sea National Park from Cuxhaven or Neuwerk. Or take the train all the way up to Germany's most popular island Sylt and be back in Hamburg for dinner. After, head for one of the extremely popular beach bars along the river Elbe, and enjoy a tropical cocktail as large cruise ships sail by.

Beach Lovers


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