Day Trips Stade

Stade has a range of specialty shops tucked away in narrow alleys. Cafés in historic Hanseatic houses are popular with locals and tourists!​​​​​​


On the South Bank: Stade

Beautiful architecture, shopping opportunities, cafes and restaurants as far as the eye can see ─ Stade is just South of Hamburg and waiting to be discovered.

Explore Stade by Water 

Situated right beside the water there are countless opportunities to discover the city. Take a guided city tour, perhaps even at night, or simply wander and discover it yourself. Enjoy the maritime history of the city with a walk by the river, hop on board a boat for a quick trip or even hire a canoe and explore the city from the water.

Outdoor Activities

Away from the water, there are other outdoor activities which visitors can enjoy. Hop on the ‘Vogelkieker’ bus and enjoy a bird watching experience, or hop on the mini ‘Moorkieker’ train and get to know the local nature. Alternatively, head to the forest and take on the ‘Wild Forest Experience’ to discover more about the animals that live there, or visit the Stone Garden, and view over 170 fascinating stones in the garden, all of different sizes. There is also the Nature Museum, where visitors can explore and marvel at the variety of nature, plants and animals in the surrounding area.

Stade is beautiful at any time of year ─ don’t miss out on the Christmas market in the town centre, arguably one of the prettiest in the region.