Day Trips Wismar

Walk in Nosferatu's footsteps: the old town, listed as UNESCO World Heritage, was among the settings for this classic movie.​​​​​​

Stroll along the well preserved historic centre The old harbour is just one of the numerous attractions of Wismar

Wismar Hanseatic City

Interesting Architecture

Named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2002, Wismar is today a thriving historic city.
With both an old town and a harbour, Wismar offers visitors much to see and do. In the harbour, guests can admire the old historic buildings, such as the Grube, one of Germany's oldest man-made waterways. In the old town, there is much architecture to be admired, including the Alter Schwede, the historic Karstadt building, and several interesting churches.

City Full of History 

Every year, Wismar also hosts the 'Schwedenfest' ─ a highlight of the events calendar, this festival commemorates and celebrates Wismar's time spent under Swedish rule.
For a deeper insight into the city, take a city tour ─ maybe by bike, at sunset with a medieval night watchman or even on the trail of notorious pirate Klaus Stoertebecker. Alternatively head to the city museum and immerse yourself in history. The Schaubellhaus (German only) contains everything about the history of the city, including an impressive collection of historical photographs.

To the Sea

With its location directly on the Baltic Sea, Wismar is also perfectly suited for water sports. Try sailing, surfing or diving at on the beaches near Wismar and in the region.



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