Victim Support in Hamburg, Germany

Social Victim Support

Survivors of violence and abuse don’t stand alone - neither do their loved ones. From women’s shelters to child protection hotlines, find the help you need here.

Victim Support

Experiencing violent or threatening situations can be very traumatising. To help victims and witnesses of assault, domestic violence, harassment and other crimes, the city of Hamburg has several institutions in place that offer immediate support — ranging from legal assistance and counselling to protected housing. The Victim Support Centre Hamburg provides professional psychological support for all men and women who have fallen victim to violence or abuse — regardless of the nature of their experience and whether it was reported or not. Below we’ve listed specialised information for women and children in threatening situations.

In case of urgently threatening situations, always dial police hotline 110!

Children and teens

Kids and teens having trouble at home, at school or online can reach out to the national kids’ helpline 116 111 to talk to someone about it. The helpline is open from Monday to Saturday from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. The call is made anonymously and for free.

To report harmful or threatening situations, there is the Hamburg child protection hotline (040) 428 15 32 00. This number can be phoned round-the-clock by parents, teachers, neighbours or family members who are worried about a child they know. Should the situation call for it, Hamburg has several child protection centres where infants, children and teens are housed safely and cared for by professionals.

Women and girls

Women of all ages experiencing any kind of abuse - at home, at work or elsewhere - can reach out to the nation-wide women’s help hotline 08000 116 016 to receive support in multiple languages. Women in need of a safe space for themselves and their children can contact the Hamburg Coordination Office to arrange immediate protection at one of Hamburg’s women’s shelters. Call (040) 8000 4 1000 or email

Girls between 13 and 17 years old who need a temporary place to stay away from home can contact the Hamburg girls’ shelter at (040) 4 28 49 265. Girls and young women aged 14 to 21 facing intercultural conflict at home (e.g. domestic violence or forced marriage) can contact ZUFLUCHT to receive immediate protection at a secret address. Call (040) 38 6478 78 to arrange for help.