Social Clothing Donation Centres

At various centres around Hamburg, donated clothing is available for free or discounted prices to those in need. Find addresses here.

Clothing Donation Centre

Clothing Donation Centres in Hamburg

Whether you’re in need of free clothing or would like to donate clothes to those in need, there are several options around Hamburg. At clothing centres, or ‘Kleiderkammern’ in German, donated clothes are sorted and prepared for their future owners. The clothes on offer have been donated at the centres themselves or at special containers throughout the city (website in German). Besides free clothing, the German Red Cross (website in German) also maintains a so-called ‘Kilo Store’, where clothing is sold by weight for a discounted price. The profits help fund the German Red Cross. 

If you plan to donate clothing, keep in mind that the clothes should be in wearable condition. When in doubt, you can always contact the centres below to see if there’s a need for anything in particular.

Name: Address: 

German Red Cross

Location Lokstedt:
Julius-Vosseler-Straße 2, 22529 Hamburg
Location Osdorfer Born:
Bornheide 99, 22549 Hamburg
Location Harburg:
Maretstraße 73, 21073 Hamburg

German Red Cross Kilo-Shop

Neue Große Bergstraße 4 - 6
22767 Hamburg (Altona)

Hanseatic Help e. V.

Große Elbstraße 264
22767 Hamburg (Altona)

Kleiderkammer Meiendorf e. V.

Meiendorfer Mühlenweg 119
22159 Hamburg (Meiendorf)

Kleiderkammer Sprungbrett Dienstleistungen Gmbh

Friedrich-Frank-Bogen 25
21033 Hamburg (Nettelnburg)

Kleiderkammer Eidelstedt

Eidelstedter Dorfstr. 19
22527 Hamburg (Eidelstedt)

Herz As Hamburg

Norderstr. 50
20097 Hamburg (City Centre)

Evangelical Lutheran Church Hamburg-Veddel

Wilhelmsburger Str. 71
20539 Hamburg (Veddel)

Hilfsverein St. Ansgar/Kleiderkammer Don Alfonso

Nobistor 34
22767 Hamburg (St. Pauli)

Caritas Hamburg

Danziger Straße 66
20099 Hamburg (St. Georg)

KM1 Con Prinz Clothing Donation


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KM1 Con Prinzen Mini Clothing Donation