Useful Information Emergencies

Need an ambulance or the police? Have you lost your passport? We've gathered the hotlines you may need in case of emergency.​​​​​​​

Emergency Numbers


112 for Emergency Services

Dial emergency telephone number 112 in case of acute medical or fire-related emergencies. The operator will notify medical emergency and fire brigade services and, if necessary, contact the police.

110 for Police Emergencies

Dial police hotline 110 (nation-wide) if you require immediate police assistance, for instance if you've been victim or witness to a crime or hazardous situation. Examples are house break-ins, traffic accidents or domestic violence.

Out-of-Hours Medical Care

If you require medical assistance outside of regular doctor's office hours, dial 116 117 (nation-wide) to contact the local on-call medical unit. The operator will determine what next steps to take, for instance if a doctor should come by, or if you should visit the nearest out-of-hours doctor's practice (see map).

Non-Emergency Police Contact

Should you need to contact Hamburg police in non-emergency situations, you can dial +49 (0) 40 4286-50. The operator will connect you to your nearest police station, where you'll be further advised.

In case of emergency, always dial 112 or 110!

Below you'll find a list of all emergency phone numbers. Use your browser's search option to find the number you need (e.g. "Dental", "Pet" or "Pharmacy"). Nation-wide hotlines and 0800-numbers are free of charge, to most others the cost of a local call applies.

Police (calling from a German landline or cellphone)110
Fire (calling from a German landline or cellphone)112
Ambulance & Paramedics (calling from a German landline or cellphone)112
Out-of-Hours Medical Care (calling from a German landline or cellphone)116 117
Aids/HIV Helpline+49 (0)40 19411
Alcoholics Anonymous+49 (0)40 2713353
Animal Rescue and Welfare Centre+49 (0)40 222277
Child and Adolescent/Teen Emergency Services (Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence)+49 (0)40 428490
Child and Adolescent Telephone Counselling+49 (0)800 1110333
Child Protection Centre (Kinderschutzzentrum Hamburg)+49 (0)40 4910007
Counceling on Educational, Marital and General Matters in Life+49 (0)40 7247603
Dental Emergency Service (Out-of-Hours)+49 (0)1805 05 0518
Emergency Hotline for Victims of Sexual Assault and Rape+49 (0)40 255566
Emergency Transportation Services (provided by Red Cross, ASB)+49 (0)40 19219
Flood Disaster Management/State Emergency Services+49 (0)40 428470
Hospital Bed Allocation Hotline for Severe Burns Injuries+49 (0)40 42851 3989
Legal Advice Emergency Hotline (nationwide)+40 (0)1805 246373
Lost Credit & Bank Cards (nationwide)+49 116116
Lost & Found+49 (0)40 428113501
Pharmacy Emergency Services (night services)+49 (0)40 228022
Poison Information Services (national service)+49 (0)551 19240
Roadside Assistance/Breakdown (ADAC)+49 (0)180 2222222
Roadside Assistance/Breakdown (ADAC, from mobile)+49 (0)40 222222
Storm Surge Warning Service (WADI)+49 (0)40 428991111
Telephone Counselling (Samaritans)+49 (0)800 1110111
Veterinary and Pet Emergency Service+49 (0)40 434379
Victim Support Services (Weißer Ring e.V.)+49 (0)40 2517680
Women's Shelter (Frauenhaus)+49 (0)40 19702



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