Social Hamburg Against Right-Wing Extremism

The City of Hamburg has made it a priority to prevent prejudice, act against xenophobic ideologies and support victims of discrimination.

Hamburg against right-wing extremism

Hamburg Against Right-Wing Extremism

Although Hamburg is not a hot-spot for right-wing extremism, city authorities have still taken a number of measures to reduce the breeding ground for extreme right-wing ideologies and to help those who wish to exit the scene, as well as provide support for those facing victimisation. Several initiatives provide counselling for victims of discrimination and racism. 

Please note that you should always alert the police in cases of racism, violence, vandalism or other crimes, whether you were a victim or a witness.

For more information, please visit the programme's official website (in German).

Mobile Counselling Team

The Mobile Counselling Team offers support for those confronted with right-wing extremism or concerned about a loved one’s growing interest in extremist ideologies.
Contact details: (040) 42863 3625 or


empower provides support for victims of right-wing, racist and anti-semitic violence. Services are confidential, free of charge and available in multiple languages.
Contact details: (040) 2840 1667 or


amira (German website) offers counselling and support in the event of discrimination on grounds of (ascribed) origin and religion.
Contact details: (040) 3984 2671 / (040) 3984 2647 or


Kurswechsel (German website) provides support for those who wish to distance themselves from extreme right-wing connections or exit from the scene.
Contact details: (0800) 565 78 00 56 or

Ausstieg Rechts

Ausstieg Rechts (German website) offers counselling for extreme right-wing cadres or functionaries who wish to leave the scene.
Contact details: (0531) 123 3642 / (05361) 891 3050 or

KM1 Con Prinz HH Against Right-Wing Extremism

KM1 Con Prinz Mini HH against Right-Wing Extremism