Neighbourhoods St. Georg

St. Georg, east of Hamburg Central Station, is a lively and colourful neighbourhood filled with galleries, shops, restaurants and bars.

St. Georg

St. Georg

St. Georg is located to the east of Hamburg Central Station: the city’s main traffic hub which handles almost half a million passengers every day. A few kilometres south, an overall 15,000 students attend the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, the city’s second biggest educational institution, and contribute to the district’s young and arty vibe. The Outer Alster Lake marks St. Georg's northern boundary: at the surrounding park you can walk, bike, jog or even rent a boat.    

Lange Reihe

The Lange Reihe shopping street is St. Georg's quasi-centre. Over 730 metres, cafés, bars, restaurants and boutiques line up along this pulsing urban centre. This is one of Hamburg’s most desired neighbourhoods and is traditionally where Hamburg’s LGBTQ community has been most active and vibrant. Rainbow flags are ubiquitous, traffic lights show pictograms of same-sex couples instead of the standard single pedestrian, and it is the starting point of the annual Hamburg Pride Parade.

Art and theatre hotspot

Of all the major Christian churches in Hamburg there is only one with two towers, and it can be found in the heart of St. Georg: the Mariendom, or St. Mary’s Cathedral, is the seat of the Archbishop of Hamburg. 

Hamburg's culture lovers gather at their very own St. Georg temples, for example the renowned art museums Kunsthalle Hamburg, MKG Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe and Deichtorhallen, all located within walking distance from Hamburg Central Station. 

And of course theatre buffs can head to the Deutsches Schauspielhaus and Ohnsorg theatres for their latest cultural productions.

Cultural diversity

St. Georg is also a good example of Hamburg's cultural diversity. Along the Steindamm shopping street and Hansaplatz square, many shops and eateries are run by members of Hamburg’s Turkish, Indian, Irani and Afghan communities. The Centrum Mosque can be spotted from afar by its two minarets. For the English-speaking community of Hamburg, the Savoy cinema on Steindamm shows almost all its films in their original versions.

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