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Escape the big city by visiting Blankenese's narrow winding alleys, beautiful captains' homes, mansions, and river views.


Treppenviertel Blankenese Hamburg

The so-called 'Treppenviertel' (lit. 'stairs quarter') in Blankenese, with its winding alleys and small mansions by the river is a perfect postcard image. White houses create a Mediterranean feel. This tranquil little beauty spot in Hamburg's westernmost corner stands in glaring contrast to the Hanseatic city’s bustling centre. No wonder that the rich and famous regularly take to the Blankenese quarter for a short vacation.     

Another feature that clearly sets Blankenese apart? It has by far the most hilly terrain in all of Hamburg. The quarter has approximately 5,000 steps, including the Strandtreppe (lit. 'beach staircase'), which has 170 steps. Tours around the Trepperviertel will lead you along Wilhelminian style houses and the church by the market square, through parks, and up and down enough staircases that you can count it as your workout for the day.

Climbing the top of 72-metre-hight Süllberg will reward you with a dreamlike view over the Elbe riverbed, the container ships in the harbour, and the Airbus grounds in Finkenwerder. Beer gardens are perfect for a break on the Süllberg terraces, and once you've managed the descent to the Elbe beach, a magnificent stroll along the waterfront awaits.

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