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Home to the Hamburg University of Technology, what used to be a city in its own right is now Hamburg's largest district south of the Elbe.

Hamburg, Germany ─ District Harburg


South of the Elbe river lies Harburg, a colourful mix of both urban and town-like neighbourhoods surrounded by orchards and sprawling heathland in the south, and modern container terminals of Hamburg Port in the north. Having gained city rights in 1297, Harburg was an independent city until it was administratively connected to Hamburg in 1937. Today, the district of Hamburg-Harburg contains 17 city quarters, including Harburg, Eißendorf, Gut Moor, Heimfeld, Langenbek, Marmstorf, Neuland, Rönneburg, Sinstorf, Wilstorf, Altenwerder, Cranz, Francop, Hausbruch, Moorburg, Neuenfelde and Neugraben-Fischbek.

Urban Harburg

Despite its location 'on the other side of the river', Harburg is well-connected to the rest of Hamburg and surrounding towns: it features the Hamburg-Harburg railway station, several S-Bahn stations and is traversed by multiple bus routes. The centre of Harburg has retained its urban character. Here you’ll find the historic Harburg city hall, the Archeological Museum, and the Phoenix indoor shopping centre. Only a short stroll away lies the campus of the renowned Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), which ensures a steady flow of young people to the district. The Harburger Binnenhafen (lit. 'inner port') on the Elbe river bank is prized for its modern and sustainable office architecture and is the location of the yearly Binnenhafen Festival.

Orchards in Altes Land

The marshlands along the Elbe river banks southwest of Hamburg are known as Altes Land: this is Northern Europe’s largest fruit producing region. Harburg quarters Neuenfelde, Francop and Cranz are surrounded by this idyllic orchard landscape. Row after row of apple, cherry and pear trees make for a wonderful sight — especially in spring, when the orchards are in full bloom, and in summer, when fruit-picking makes for a popular pastime.

District office

Bezirksamt Harburg
Harburger Rathausplatz 1
21073 Hamburg

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