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Equal Opportunities Officer

The equality officers advise employees on all matters relating to equality between women and men and the compatibility of work and family. Their tasks include supporting, promoting and accompanying the application of the Equal Opportunities Act in ... Continue

Senate Coordinator for Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities

The task of the Senate Coordinator for Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities is to act as an intermediary between citizens and the administration from an independent position. He is the contact person for disabled people and their ... Continue

Report as a job seeker

As an employee, you are legally obliged to register as a job seeker with the Employment Agency no later than 3 months before the end of your employment relationship. If you found out about the end of your employment relationship less than 3 months in ... Continue

Vocational advancement training Certify the admission requirement

In order for your professional advancement training to be funded by the Advancement BAföG, you must provide evidence of your previous qualifications. Continue

Apply for benefits for participation in working life in accordance with SGB IX

Disabled people should, if possible, have the same opportunities as non-disabled people in training and work. Continue

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